Ella’s Success Story: From Scholarship Recipient to Landing a Dream Job

28 March 2024

Last month, we brought you an inspiring story of a vocational graduate who secured her dream job in the hospitality industry. In this edition, we are thrilled to share another tale of success, featuring a YKIP’s scholarship beneficiary who also landed a job she loves after completing her study at the university.

Originally from Mengwi, Ella’s educational journey began with the support of the KEMBALI Scholarship Program, which sponsored her since elementary school. Before Ella received sponsorship, her parents found it challenging to pay for the tuition fees for both their daughters. Ella later received a University Scholarship Program for her three-year study majoring in Room Division Management. The generous support from donors through YKIP encouraged Ella to do her best at school and on campus. Let’s dive into the story of her journey told by Ella below.

“I can recall my older sister was in high school, and I was in elementary school then.  Even at a very young age, I understood that education was expensive for our humble family. Witnessing my parents’ struggle to cover our tuition fees and school supplies was heart-breaking. That was why it was a big relief for our family that YKIP granted me the scholarship and provided for my school supplies needs.”

“The scholarship I received motivated me to excel at school. I worked super hard to keep my grades up so that I could receive the next scholarship for the following academic year. I also became more motivated when I saw older students get rewards for their excellent academic performance at the end of each academic year. The most memorable moment of my early years as the recipient of KEMBALI Scholarship Program was receiving multivitamins as a part of the school supplies package. Taking those fruit flavored tablets brought a sense of happiness that my sisters and I shared every day. I am forever grateful for these seemingly small, yet meaningful gestures that enriched our childhood experiences. “

“The support from YKIP continued to my vocational high school years, where I studied Tourism. Driven by determination, I dedicated myself not only to my studies, but also to my on-the-job training at a hotel. During this period, I received several compliments in the guest comments, and all the positive affirmations boosted my confidence, encouraging me to do my job even better. My hard work bore fruit when finally, I received the high performing award at my high school.”

Ella Went to the University 

“After graduating high School, I applied for YKIP’s University Scholarship, hoping that I could major in Room Division Management. It was quite a task to compile all the documents required by YKIP, let alone writing a motivation letter that would convince YKIP team to grant me the scholarship.  I waited and worried that I wouldn’t get the scholarship. On the day of the announcement, I was over the moon to learn that I had become one of that year’s scholarship recipients.”

“During my three-year studies at the State Polytechnic of Bali, I was actively involved in many campus activities and events and was appointed head of the committee several times. I also served as the MC for several campus events. With the experiences I gained from the campus activities, I became optimistic about taking job training in a five-star hotel.”

“I got training in a luxury chain hotel in Seminyak, specializing in the Front Office department for six months. It was a great semester of my life. I learned a lot about the hotel’s front office management, guest interaction skills, and some valuable tips and tricks from my seniors. After completing the training, I was offered the position of a daily worker at the same hotel for two months during the school holiday. Then, I went back to campus to finish my final assignment, during which the hotel extended another invitation to join as a daily worker. Grateful for the opportunity but mindful of my study commitments, I politely declined and expressed my willingness to join after I finished my final exam. To my surprise, I got a call from the HR department just a few days after my final exam, inviting me for an interview. Happy as a clam, I accepted the offer and worked for the hotel for about eight months now.”

I am thankful for the chance to finish my studies, both Senior High School and at the university. The generosity of the donors through YKIP has truly transformed my life and my family’s. With the income I now earn, I can now provide our basic needs, including our house rent, internet access, and my sister’s school supplies. I am grateful for the ability to do so. I also plan to renovate our house in the village. None of these achievements would have been possible without the support from my sponsors. Their generosity has not only enabled me to attend reputable schools and university but also paved the way to secure a good job in a five-star hotel. I am forever grateful for the support from YKIP and my sponsors.”

YKIP is proud of Ella’s achievements and wishes the best for her career in the future. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the generous donors whose support has been the cornerstone of YKIP’s scholarship program since our inception.

Are you inspired by Ella’s story above? You can also support a student to continue their education by sponsoring them through this link: https://ykip.org/donation/.