Motivation to Study in Vocational School

18 December 2023

YKIP will continue to run the University and Vocational Scholarship Program in 2024. Our goal is to support our sponsored students during their one-year diploma program and three to four years of university studies. Thus, we informed the sponsored students in the KEMBALI Scholarship Program that they will have the chance to pursue higher education. We found that motivation is crucial for those who want to continue their studies.  Because of this, before choosing whether to grant the scholarship, YKIP needs to be aware of their motivation to study.

Students who wish to apply for this scholarship must complete the selection process, which includes sending YKIP the necessary paperwork. A motivation letter is one of the documents they must submit. The motivation letter should state their motivation to study in higher education.

Students might be driven for a variety of reasons, including the desire to impress their family, to get respect or reputation, or to be interested in a certain subject. We hope to learn more about our students’ motivations for pursuing higher education through this letter, as well as their future goals, once they have earned their degrees.

We collected the motivation letters from the students for the second quarter scholarship distribution. We’d like to share one of the motivational letters with you now. It comes from Sigit, a sponsored student in Karangasem Regency. We hope that this letter may inspire you as well.

Sigit’s motivation to study in Vocational School

Hi everyone,

My name is Sigit. I live in the eastern part of Bali in a humble house with my little family. I come from a simple family, where my parents did not have a chance to receive a proper education like what I have now.

 Due to my social condition, my journey to reach my dreams won’t be easy. I still have one dream that I have wanted to achieve since a long time ago: becoming a bartender on a big cruise ship. Despite all the obstacles I may encounter along the way, I refuse to give up.

I sometimes ask myself. Is it OK for someone like me to have a dream? I am not confident enough to speak in front of the class, and I am afraid of what people may think of me. I don’t think I deserve to dream big. How would I fail? How do I make mistakes? Will people make fun of me? If I can’t be a bartender, what should I do? Those questions, together with fear and hesitation, cross my mind very often.

But then I see the faces that I love the most: my parents’ faces. They have done so much for me and my family, so it is my time to repay all their kindness. I want to make them happy and proud of me. With this thought, I slowly conquered my doubt and fear.

To prepare myself, I also read many books related to bartending and motivation. I convince myself that my dream is bigger than my fear. I may fail at some point, but I will never give up and become stronger. Later on, when I become a bartender, I also want to become a content creator. While working on a big cruise ship, I will take many photos and videos and proudly share with everyone how my dream has come true.

There are many students as motivated as Sigit in our KEMBALI Scholarship Program, and they would like to continue their higher education. Would you like to support our Vocational Scholarship Program to give the opportunity of higher education to children in Bali? Please support our program here.