Two Students Graduated from University: KIDS Scholarship Program

10 July 2023

For YKIP, and especially for the KIDS Scholarship Program, June 2023 was a terrific month. Izzul and Dinda, two students, received their university degrees last month. Despite the difficulties they had while studying, they at least received a bachelor’s degree.

Izzul Graduated from Stikom Bali

Izzul finished his study in Stikom Bali majoring in Information Systems. On June 5, 2023, he received his diploma with good grades. Izzul put a lot of effort into finishing his undergraduate coursework because he began working on his final project during the pandemic. It was a big challenge for him. He was unable to meet the counselor in person for the final project guidance because of the restriction, so the guidance was provided online. He needed additional time to complete his final project because online coaching has a lot of disadvantages.

His final project was to develop an Android game with the ancient kingdom of Majapahit as the background. “I made the game inspired by the current situation. Indonesia got a great history with so many great kingdoms in the past. One of them is Majapahit Kingdom. It is the biggest kingdom that united the archipelago. Unfortunately, not many youngsters want to study this great history.  With this game, I would like to introduce the greatness of Majapahit Kingdom. With the game platform, the player will learn about the history in a fun way.”

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology: Dinda

On June 9, 2023, Dinda graduated from Universitas Dhyana Pura with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Like Izzul, Dinda had a difficult time finishing her thesis work. In-depth interviews with the subject were required for her final paper, which became a significant obstacle during the pandemic. The process of writing the final paper was impacted since the data collection was delayed.

“My final essay focused on the self-acceptance of parents of children with Down syndrome. To gain valuable insights, I must engage in heartfelt conversations and closely observe these remarkable parents. Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, which made connecting with those families more challenging, I found comfort in the incredible support extended to me by my loving family, caring friends, and my dedicated lecturer. Their unwavering encouragement and assistance played an important role in my success.,” Dinda said.

We are proud of the two students and their achievements. YKIP wish the best for their future. We also would like to thank all donors of KIDS Scholarship Program for their support, so the student could finish their studies in the university.