Vocational Training Scholarship Alumnus: Digital Illustrator

06 July 2022

Rizky was one of KEMBALI Scholarship beneficiaries who continued his study for one year under YKIP’s vocational training scholarship. He received the KEMBALI scholarship when he was in junior high school and a year after his graduation from senior high school, Rizky then continued his study under YKIP’s Vocational Scholarship program majoring in Graphic Design.

Rizky’s family comes from Karangasem in the eastern part of Bali. Now he lives in Denpasar with his parents and two younger siblings. Since he was in Elementary school, Rizky showed his talent for drawing. “I think I got inspired by my father when I saw him drawing a pattern in clothes when he work for the garment industry,” explains Rizky about what inspired him in doing his drawings.

This interest then took him to join Multimedia Club at his junior high school and learned about digital imaging. Rizky also saw the potential in his drawings to gain some income, so he sold his outline drawings to elementary school students so they could color them.

There was a strong interest in designing and he knew he had a talent for it, so he decided to take Multimedia as his major in vocational high school. “In the future when most things will be digitized, I think it is also important to get more insight and enhance skills in digital design.” To achieve that, Rizky joined designer communities so he could meet and discuss with people with similar interests. Rizky is also inspired by Dan Mumford, a freelance illustrator in central London.

Vocational training scholarship for a year

After a year he graduated from Senior High School, Rizky received a vocational training scholarship from YKIP for a year. He chose to study Graphic Design at Alfa Prima Denpasar. The scholarship enabled him to develop his skills in graphic design. During his studies, he was actively involved in events, competitions, and joined gallery shows. Even after finishing his studies under a vocational training scholarship, he still actively joined art exhibitions. Recently, he joined an exhibition in Kuta where he did live art with his friend.

Currently, most of Rizky’s projects are in Anime design. “I make the designs from scratch and I do the promotions as well. It is not easy, but I take it as a challenge to grow bigger. I have many ideas in my mind, and I want to show them to people. When you put your design on cloth, many people can see it. When people agree to use a piece of my work, I felt appreciated.”

From his works, he has also managed to buy a new device and software to create his works. Moreover, Rizky is now able to help his family financially. In the future, Rizky wants to do collaborations with brands, specifically clothing brands.

“I think Rizky found his true passion after he was granted a vocational training scholarship. We don’t understand about digital and computing skills, but we know that currently Rizky is doing what he really likes to do and that makes us happy”, Rizky’s mother commented on her son’s activities.

Rizky also has a message for younger students under the scholarship programs of YKIP: “We must seek the opportunities in everything we do. If you have found your passion, go for it. Be persistent! That’s the key to reaching out to our dreams.”

Thank you, Rizky for sharing your story and message. YKIP is proud of him and wishes the best for his future and career.

Please visit his Instagram account at @rizkypratama_23.artwork to see his works. You can purchase it too!