Youth Career Planning Workshop 2022

19 December 2022

The youth career planning workshop is an annual event of YKIP. This workshop is designed to help 12 graders prepare for their life after finishing their studies in Senior High School. After two years of online workshops, we are happy to welcome the students to the face-to-face workshop on December 11, 2022. One of our sponsors, Mitrais, generously lent their office space for the workshop. Seventy-five students of the KEMBALI Scholarship Program in 6 regencies come to attend the workshop.

As in previous workshops, we invited speakers from HR, Tourism Industry, and an entrepreneur to share their knowledge with the students. YKIP also used the chance to inform the students about the scholarship for one-year training, and the university is also open for KEMBALI students in the next academic year. With the knowledge gained during this workshop, students can make better decisions after they finish their studies.

Job Searching and Interview Skills on Youth Career Planning Workshop 2022

The main facilitator of the event, Jagat Raya, opened the event at 9 AM. He divided the students into eight groups and gave the students a chance to create the rule for the events. After some fun opening games, the event continued to the first session, Job Searching and Interview.

The speaker of this session is Ni Ketut Kardini, the HR manager of Westin Ubud. Ibu Dini has been working in the HR department of various companies since 2004. With her long experience, Ibu Dini shared with the student everything about job searching. She also taught the student how to create a good CV that will grab the recruiter’s attention. She shared many examples based on her experience as a recruiter.

The interview session was as fascinating as the CV development. Students got many examples of what a good candidate does during the interview. She also shared the do and don’ts during the interview so the students could prepare themselves for the actual job interview. The most exciting part is the interview practice. Selpi, a student from Denpasar, tried her best during the role-play as the candidate. She and other participants get valuable feedback from Ibu Dini.

YKIP assigned the students to make their CVs before the event. Ibu Dini chose these CV best from 75 CVs submitted by the participants. She also gave feedback on the CVs and provided suggestions for improvement.

Second Part of the Career Planning Workshop: Career Development

After lunch, the career planning workshop continued to the second part about career development. According to the survey of the students, hospitality is the most chosen by the participants.  The session’s first speaker is Dama Adhyatma, the HR director of Bulgari Resort in Uluwatu. Pak Dama has been working in Human Resources for the hospitality industry since 2011, and with his vast knowledge in the field, he shared valuable information with the participants.

Pak Dama informed the students about having a career in the hospitality industry. How the career progress in the industry and what skills are required to be successful. At the end of his presentation, Pak Dama shared an inspiring video, an animation about the book called “Who Move My Cheese.”

The next session was about entrepreneurship. The speaker is the founder of Falala Chocolate, a young entrepreneur who started his business just a few months after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Despite the problematic condition, Dewa Padma is successful in expanding his business. During his sessions, he shared his success story and many valuable tips with the participants. The students were excited, and they asked many questions about entrepreneurship.

Scholarship session by YKIP

Before the Youth Career Planning Workshop ended, Ratna, the YKIP project manager, shared the scholarship information with the participants. She shared about the available scholarship provided by YKIP and other scholarships offered by the government and private sector. She also informed the students that YKIP opens the position for one-year training and university scholarship for the next academic year. Registration for the scholarship is officially opened that day.

We are happy that we could organize this annual event for our KEMBALI Students. We want to thank our sponsors: Inspirasia Foundation, Mitrais, CIMB Niaga cabang Kuta Graha, BIMC Hospital Kuta, and BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua, for their generosity. CIMB Niaga, BIMC Kuta, and BIMC Nusa Dua donated merchandise for the gift to the students who are actively involved in the workshop.

We also would like to thank the Youth Career Planning Program facilitator, Komag Agus Jagat Raya. Also, to the speakers: Ni Ketut Kardini, Dama Adhyatma, and Dewa Gede Padma Putra. Also, for the support of our local partners: I Nyoman Puja of Gianyar, I Nengah Landra of Karangasem, I Kadek Wirya Sanjaya of Tejakula, and I Nengah Cermen from Pengotan. Lastly, we would like to thank our volunteers who helped us during the event so that the career planning workshop ran smoothly.

See you in the next Youth Career Planning Program next year.