Graduation of Sponsored Vocational Students 2023

12 December 2023

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that all nine students in the Vocational Scholarship Program who started their studies in 2022 have successfully graduated from their respective vocational institutions. It’s the culmination of a year of dedicated efforts. Five vocational students completing their training in Tourism while the other four completed theirs in Business and Administration. Congratulations to these graduates on their academic achievements!

Graduation of Vocational Students in Tourism

Two outstanding vocational students, Wahyuni and Desi, achieved a significant milestone by graduating on 14 october 2023, after completing their training in Food Production in Monarch Gianyar. Both alumni underwent six months of comprehensive training on campus before continuing with job training in esteemed five-star hotels. Desi refined her skills during her job training in a five-star chain hotel in West Ubud. Wahyuni ventured into her internship in a five-star resort in North Ubud. Both girls now contribute their skills and expertise to the dynamic hospitality industry.

Murdi is the next student to graduate from the Vocational Program this year. Choosing a diploma in Food and Beverages Services in a vocational institution in Gianyar, her journey extended beyond the classroom. She dedicated six months to on-the-job training in a prestigious five-star hotel in Ubud, where she gained a lot of experience. Murdi’s diligence and commitment paid off, leading to her official hiring as a daily worker in the hotel upon completing her internship. Having proudly graduated on 2 November 2023, she continues to be part of the hotel’s workforce.

Two other students who attended another school in Gianyar, Srinu and Widnyana, graduated on 22 December 2023. Srinu, trained in Front Office Management, went for her internship in the same hotel as Wahyuni and Murdi. She graduated with honours and continued working in the same hotel. Widnyana, the only male trainee in the Vocational Program, also got his first job in the same hotel where he did his internship.

Vocational students in Business Administration graduated on 5 November

Four students who studied for a Business Administration diploma graduated at the same time. Three of them, Tia, Puspita, and Sintya, are from Karangasem Regency and completed their studies there, showcasing their commitment to academic success in their home region. Meanwhile, Puspa, also from the region, pursued hers in Denpasar.

Unlike their peers who studied Tourism, they got shorter job training in the industry – four months in the field of their choice. Tia and Puspita completed their training in a notary’s office while Sintya was in the Department of Tourism of Karangasem Regency; meanwhile, Puspa trained in an electronic store in Denpasar. All of them graduated with satisfactory marks from Alfa Prima.

Vocational student’s story

Following her graduation, Sintya shared her story:

“I was on cloud nine when I read the announcement of YKIP’s Vocational Scholarship beneficiaries in 2022. The chance to pursue a one-year program in Business Administration at Alfa Prima Karangasem was a dream come true. It  was a blessing, so I made the most out of it to study. I also participate in campus activities and expand my network. In one campus activity, I even became a committee chairperson.

My job training was in the Tourism Department of Karangasem Regency during a busy time in the department. From participating in the preparation of the anniversary of Amlapura City in June to assisting with Jegeg Bagus Karangasem Contest preparation and the Independence Day celebration, the months were a whirlwind of constant activity, as we were as busy as bees. Despite the fatigue, it was incredibly rewarding.  I had the best experience in the department, where I learned a lot and grew my professional network.

I am happy that I grabbed the opportunity to continue my study with the scholarship. With the skills I got from the training, I now hold a position in the business and marketing administration of a museum in my village. I’d like to humbly thank the sponsor for the opportunity.”

YKIP would like to thank Inspirasia Foundation and other donors for their funding of this program.  Their contribution made this program happen for the beneficiaries. We also would like to thank our school partners: Monarch Bali cabang Gianyar, Alfa Prima Denpasar, and Alfa Prima Karangasem for their support.  Thank you for taking them a step closer to their dreams.