YKIP Vocational School Scholarship 2021

15 October 2021

In this new academic year, YKIP continues to support students to get one-year training. We are grateful despite the uncertain situation because of the pandemic, the vocational school scholarship under YKIP Vocational program could support 12 students to obtain the skills for their future.

We started the selection process from KEMBALI students who are interested in getting a one-year training for specific skills. We got about 20 applications, and in April, we have selected the students who get the chance for this training. 7 out of 12 students chose to get training in the hospitality industry and the rest choose to study business dan administration.

Vocational Program Sponsors

 We would like to thank Inspirasia Foundation for their support to the students of the vocational school scholarship managed by YKIP. Inspirasia Foundation sponsored 6 students this academic year. There are three students sponsored to have a one-year training in Food and Beverage Product, one student studying Accounting and Taxation, and another two students are learning Business Administration.

This year, we also got another support from Webber. Under the sponsorship from Webber, there are four students in the program. The four students choose the different subjects to learn. Eni chooses to get training in F&B Production, Suta on the other hand chooses F&B Services as his field of concentration. Sukma studied Business Administration, while another student in Karangasem, Tina, chooses to get the Hospital Administration training.

 We also got support from two individual donors. Larry and Carrie from The Heidi Circle continue to sponsor their sponsored student In KEMBALI Program to get one-year training. Widi, their sponsored student decided to get one-year training in Spa. Widi aspired to be a spa professional and go work abroad. Another student, Haris, sponsored by Ibu Purnama decided to be a bartender.

We are grateful for the pouring support to our Vocational students from all sponsors. We hope that this big chance you give to the students will give them a better chance for a brighter future. You can support more students in the next academic year by donating to our Vocational Program.

Thank you again for your support.