Student Story: From Bali to Japan

22 September 2021

When Eka Arianto was in grade 10, he never dreamed to finish his study in senior high school. He thought that he will never make it because of the family’s economic condition. His parents’ income was barely enough to make ends meet. When he was in grade 11, he received the good news. He got sponsored by Inspirasia Foundation through YKIP KEMBALI Scholarship Program for students in elementary to senior high school.

It was a big relief for him and his family. “I got a new uniform and shoes, new books and stationery to write and get some pocket money to buy foods at school, something that I never imagined I could have. I always worried that I will never be able to continue my study, but the scholarship changed my view about the future.” He clearly saw that the scholarship had lifted the burden from his parent’s shoulders and it motivated him to study harder to maintain his scholarship status. He joined the career day when he was in grade 12 and he learn a lot from the event. The information and motivation shared by the speakers really opened his mind.

Work in Japan after graduation

When he graduated in 2017 from SMA Negeri 3 Karangasem, he realized that finishing school is just the beginning of a new life. He faced the reality that he had to do something to help his parents. When he got the opportunity to work abroad, he gladly took it. With his high school diploma, he applied for the job and then got training before he departed to Japan.

“I learned Japanese for almost a year. Not only do I need to learn the language, but I also need to learn about Japanese culture and customs. I admit it was really hard in the beginning, but in the end, I enjoyed the study. After a year I went to Japan to work as a construction worker”. In Japan, he faced so many things. The new culture, the new work ethic, and time management. It was a challenge at first time, but then he get used to it. After working for a year, his contract ended, and he back to Bali last year.

From his income, he could help his parents to pay the debts and help them renovate their house. “This is the life that I never imagined before. To be able to work abroad and learned so many things in Japan is a dream comes true. If it was not because the scholarship program for students that I received from YKIP, I would never get my high school diploma, and never be able to apply to work in Japan. It is because of the scholarship that I was able to improve my family’s economic condition.” Arianto plans to go back to Japan after he got the new contract. While waiting for his new contract, he is actively sharing the information for the job opportunity in Japan with the youth in his community. He also happily provides guidance and assistance to anyone who seeks the opportunity to work in Japan. He said it is his way to pay it forward.

Last month, Arianto back to Japan as he got his new contract. Good luck, Arianto. See you soon, and keep up the good work.