A Sponsored Student Joined the National Scout Gathering in Jakarta

23 October 2023

Jana, a dedicated KEMBALI-sponsored student in Bangli, achieved a remarkable feat by proudly representing his regency at the Raimuna Nasional event in 2023. Indonesian Scout Movement organizes a national scout gathering event or Raimuna Nasional once every five years. This year, this event took place from 14 to 21 August, with an impressive participation of approximately 20,000 scouts from across the nation. The comprehensive agenda of the event included a wide range of activities. It includes an introduction to Indonesia’s strategic issues, internship opportunities, visits to the top 10 campuses, community service projects, cultural performances, and an invaluable opportunity to meet and greet esteemed national figures.

To take part in Raimuna, Jana had to go through a rigorous selection process in the previous year during Raimuna Daerah Bali, the scout gathering in Bali Province. All his hard work and discipline paid off when he received the good news that he had been selected to represent Bangli Regency on the National Raimuna in Bumi Perkemahan Cibubur.

Becoming an Intern in the Public Housing Department: Sponsored Student Joined the National Scout Gathering in Jakarta

Jana reflected on his enriching experiences at the event, sharing “I gained many valuable experiences and had the privilege of making friends with a lot of fellow scouts from every corner of Indonesia. Exploring their diverse backgrounds was a fascinating aspect of the event. Additionally, I learned about the government’s strategic plan to establish the new capital in Borneo.”

Jana, who goes to a vocational school majoring in Architecture, was able to land a two-day internship with Cipta Karya, a state-owned construction company. This invaluable opportunity also brought him to meet the Minister of Public Work and Housing, Mr. Basuki Hadimuljono. It was a truly unforgettable moment in Jana’s life.

“I learned how to survive in a source-limited environment. For example, during the camp, we needed to divide the source fairly among the group members. We should be aware of other’s needs and compromise. The same thing went for the electricity; with many people charging their phones in the hall, I needed to wait patiently for my turn. It taught me to be more patient and thoughtful.”

Besides the activities already mentioned, Jana found the concerts and cultural performances to be the most enjoyable highlights of the event. For several nights, the committee organized captivating concerts and cultural performances. Jana was extremely happy because he had the opportunity to attend performances by famous artists and bands. He was also mesmerized by the exceptional talents displayed by his fellow scouts from all over the country.

“I am beyond thrilled for the opportunity to participate in this national scout gathering. However, this wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t got the scholarship to continue my study in senior high school. Thank you for supporting me,” Jana concluded the conversation.

YKIP is proud that the sponsored student, like Jana, made it to the prestigious event like the National Scout gathering. Your generous contributions to our KEMBALI Scholarship program make it possible for more students to pursue their education. It also enables them to explore their passions and participate in activities that help them grow. Ultimately, they can realize their full potential in their chosen field, leading them toward a brighter future. Thank you for your kind support!

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