Digital Literacy Workshop for YKIP Sponsored Students

28 March 2024

For the first time, YKIP hosted a workshop on digital literacy for the students in the KEMBALI Scholarship Program. The workshop took place on March 17, 2024, in the Mitrais Office Canteen Area, with YKIP collaborating with Universitas Bali Internasional. Designed to educate the students about digital literacy and promote online safety, the workshop was attended by 23 participants from Denpasar.

At YKIP, we recognize the importance of digital literacy for our students. Particularly due to the increased exposure to the cyber world during the pandemic. With the shift to online learning, students now rely more heavily on the internet for their studies and daily life. However, this situation also brings potential risks if not managed wisely. Cybercrime, pornography, and cyberbullying are among many other threats that children may encounter online. By providing them with knowledge about these risks and opportunities available on the internet, we empower them to navigate the digital world in more sensible ways.

Digital Literacy Workshop Lead by a Lecturer

The workshop was delivered by Mr. Aristayudha, a lecturer from the Digital Business Department of Universitas Bali Internasional.  He shared basic safety measures at safeguarding children’s online activities. These measures include strategies such as safeguarding personal data, using reliable web browsers, and implementing secure passwords practices.

In addition to those methods, the children also learned which information is safe to share on the Internet and which should be kept private. Armed with this knowledge, we hope the children will use the Internet sensibly. Adhering to these guidelines will enable them to mitigate potential risks and avoid more significant problems in the future.

Mr. Arista also addressed the issue of cyberbullying, emphasizing the importance of children being able to identify it to prevent both becoming victims and the bullying itself.  Many people may not realize that their online behavior constitutes cyberbullying. Students were also introduced to strategies on how to deal with cyberbullies and effectively avoid them.

Throughout their internet sessions, the children learned a lot about safeguarding themselves. In an anonymous survey conducted with the students after the workshop, nearly all respondents found the information they got from this workshop valuable.

One of the students wrote, “This workshop taught me how to use the Internet wisely. I felt encouraged to share positive things on the Internet and avoid bad behavior that could harm other people or me.”

YKIP would like to express our gratitude to Universitas Bali Internasional for providing the material and speaker for this event, as well as to PT. Mitrais for generously lending us the office area for the workshop. Last but not least, thanks to Riot Game for the grant through GlobalGiving for funding this workshop. This event would not have been possible without their support.