End of 2022-2023 Academic Year

14 June 2023

The second week of June 2023 marked the end of 2022–2023 academic year. Some school held study tour and other school create art performances to conclude the academic year. The students received their report card happily and would enjoy their school holiday for a month. The new academic year will start in July. This joyful occasion is also being shared by our scholarship recipients through the KEMBALI Scholarship Program.

Students of KEMBALI Scholarship Program at the End of the Academic Year

YKIP’s KEMBALI Scholarship Program supported more than 400 students from Elementary School to Senior High School on 2022-2023 academic year. Some of them will continue their education in the new school in the next academic year. There are 30 students who finished their education in elementary school. In the next academic year, they will be in grade 7, the first grade in Junior High School.

Additionally, 82 junior high school students will progress to senior high school. Some of these students have chosen to enroll in vocational high schools to acquire specialized skills relevant to their future careers, such as culinary, hospitality, engineering, and design. The remaining students will pursue general science classes.

In the academic year 2022-2023, 85 students completed their senior high school studies. In accordance with the YKIP Vocational Scholarship Program, fifteen of them will continue their education in a vocational institution. They will receive training in administration and hospitality. They’ll begin receiving training in July 2023. Other students who didn’t get the YKIP scholarship decided to work or study with the available scholarship. The other decided to work and study in university at the same time.

Thank You for the Support of KEMBALI Scholarship Program

As the academic year 2022–2023 came to a conclusion, YKIP would like to express its gratitude to its supporters, including the Inspirasia Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Magson, Lene Fischer and family, and all other private donors who supported students through the KEMBALI Scholarship Program. Your contribution supported the YKIP program and the sponsored student to study.

Not forget to express our gratitude to partners, friends, and volunteers who always lend their hands to YKIP. Without your support, YKIP could not continue our program.