Graduate of a Scholarship Program in Bali: Widya and Permaculture

08 December 2022

How can education change a person’s life? There are so many ways, one of them is opportunities to learn and take their life in a better direction. In today’s story, we will talk about one of the graduates of a scholarship program in Bali run by YKIP, Widya from Buleleng.

Widya got a scholarship in grade 12, a year before he finished his education in Senior High School. Widya’s family was pessimistic that they could support Widya in completing his education in senior high school. It was a challenging year for the family, and they had difficulties paying for the children’s education. Then Widya was admitted to KEMBALI Scholarship Program and was able to finish his Senior High School.

Graduate of Scholarship Program in Bali: When Covid attacked

Widya graduated from Senior High School when the initial wave of Covid-19 happened in Indonesia. He spent the fourth quarter of 12th grade studying at home and getting his diploma after the online exam. Widya, initially happy to continue his education under the scholarship program, became unsure about the latest situation caused by Covid-19.

He expected to get a decent job after finishing high school. Still, the worsening job market due to the pandemic made Widya unable to get a job until a few months after he graduated. Due to unavoidable circumstances, he married a few months after graduation. With new family members to support, Widya was ready to take any job available.  By good luck, a community center was constructed near his house, and he worked as a construction worker. Widya worked there until the construction finished, and when there was an opening for a new position, he applied. Widya went through a rigorous selection process and passed the interviews. He then becomes one of the permaculture gardeners at Desa Les Community Center (DLCC).

“People might say it is because of pure luck, but for me, it is because of the scholarship I received from YKIP. If I did not get the scholarship, my parents would be unable to pay my school fees. With so many outstanding payments, I will not be allowed to take the final exam and will not get my diploma. My high school diploma takes me to get this job and a good income to support my family.” Widya told YKIP enthusiastically.

As one of the gardeners in DLCC, Widya is responsible for ensuring all crops are in good condition. It is a big responsibility, but Widya takes it happily. He learns a lot about permaculture and becomes adept at it. He and his teams ensure that all processes from the nursery to harvesting comply with the rules of permaculture and create as little waste as possible. They make fertilizer using garden waste and a nature-friendly pesticide using organic materials. He also taught the students in DLCC about permaculture and took them to permaculture practicum.

At the DLCC grand opening, Widya proudly took YKIP staff around. Confidently he showed the process of permaculture gardening. Widya showed us the nursery and how they select the seedlings and grow them in the greenhouse. From the nursery, the crop is then taken to the bedding on the rooftop of the DLCC building. He also taught us how to make fertilizer using garden and kitchen waste with the help of cow manure and earthworm. We are proud to see this young man become so confident and enjoy his job.

“I am happy and proud of myself now. I love my job. I enjoy looking after the crops and providing food for our kitchen. I also learned much about utilizing natural resources effectively and creating as little waste as possible. I hope to use this knowledge to help people around me do the same thing.”Widya said at the end of the facility tour.

We are happy to see that the graduate of a scholarship program in Bali run by YKIP could help a person get a better life after graduation. We are grateful for all support given by our donors and sponsors so that this program can serve more children in Bali. If you want to change someone’s life, you can be a part of this KEMBALI Scholarship program. Follow this link to donate.