KEMBALI Scholarship Program’s Best Students 2021

11 April 2022

KEMBALI Best Student Appreciation is an annual event held by Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi (YKIP) to select outstanding students among the students of KEMBALI Scholarship Program, a scholarship program for students from elementary to senior high school. This appreciation goes to students who have great performance not only in academics but also in the non-academic areas (such as sports and arts). The selected students are announced during the 2nd quarter of the distribution event.

Last year, there are  38 students who have been selected as KEMBALI’s Best Students in November 2021.  For the academics field, there are 3 students selected in each level (elementary, junior high school, senior high school) in the YKIP project areas, while for the non-academic,  YKIP selected them from the certificates that we collected during the scholarship distribution events. These students have received gifts and certificates from YKIP:

Aditya Tegar Ayu Windi Egi
Krisna Usana Ratih Rosita Viola
Antarini Bayu Surya Juni Arti
Angelina Apriani Budiani Juliantari
Kusumawati Widiani Oktaviani
Aprianti Cleo Clara Kadek Yuri
Made Sumerta Ni Wayan Sita Sana
Ari Cahyanti Dwi Raditya Depi
Murdianti Ni Putu Wahyu Sriani
Made Dedi Ni Wayan Siska Gede Sani
Jatiningsih Gusti Danu Marlisa
Nopa Made Angga Kadek Tilem
Ni Wayan Era Wiadnyana

Students, particularly our KEMBALI students, have been facing challenges in studying due to the coronavirus outbreak. Through the survey that YKIP has conducted, some of our students have to cope with a lack of internet connection and some of them find it difficult to understand the explanation from the teacher due to the distance learning concept. It is not easy for them to adapt, but we are glad to know that they have a strong determination to continue learning despite the condition and even get outstanding results as KEMBALI Best Student.

YKIP hopes that by giving this little appreciation, we can inspire the students, who are under the scholarship program for students in elementary to senior high school, to study well at school and choose any kind of positive activities that they love to do after school.

Another good news is that starting April 2022, all students in Bali will return to school after spending almost two years studying online from home. We hope this face-to-face study can lead to a more optimal learning process and make the students happier.