Nineteen Years Bali Bombing 1: Reflection of the Victim’s Daughter

12 October 2021

I Ketut Sumerawat perished on the Bali Bombing 1 with hundreds of other victims on October 12, 2002, this day 19 years ago. He left his beloved wife and three daughters. Wina, one of his daughters who will graduate from Udayanan University by the end of this month shares her reflection with YKIP.

“I let go of my father a long time ago,” she said at the beginning of the phone conversation. Now she is no more in grief because of the injustice that happened to her father during the biggest terrorist attack in Indonesia. “It is not the time to be in sorrow. I realize that every living being will die sooner or later. My father passed away on an unfortunate event and I believe that was because of God’s will.”

“The terrorist attack left a wound in my heart. Even though I was still young and only meet my father rarely, but the loss of a father figure change my life forever. When I need to talk about my problems or even just to tell my story, I could only do it with my mother. It feels really different if I could have a father to talk to. When my friend’s fathers gave their time to listen to my story and responded to it, I feel something that I never feel before. The feeling that I never felt when I talked to my mother.”


Wina, one of the children of Bali bombing 1 victim
Wina after finished her final exam 

“Since long ago, I have forgiven the attackers in Bali bombing 1. Their mistakes in the past were they use the wrong way to prove their beliefs. When they do the suicide bombing, death is their choice. For my father and hundreds of people who perished in the attack, it is never their choice. This tragedy changed my life and hundreds of other victims’ life. I forgive them but I never forget what they have done.” The phone paused a bit, and there is a sound of sobbing. Wina cried when she remembered how she live her life without her father.

in a very calm manner, Wina continued her story. “I accept everything that happened to me, and I have no regret about the loss of my father. I believe that my father is in peace up there and he is proud of me. He would be very proud to see me continuing my study at the university and graduate with good marks. He will be really happy when he sees my graduation soon.”

“My message for the people out there is every good intention should be done in a good way. There is no good as a result of a bad action. Your freedom to do something well is limited by other people’s freedom and other people’s right to live their life. every life matters.”

“I would like to thank all volunteers, donors, and other parties who support me through  KIDS Scholarship Program. We never know each other but your generosity supports me and the other children of the Bali Bombing victim to continue our studies. Without your support, I might not be able to study at the university. Your support has shaped my life. I become more open-minded and learn to see a problem from various perspectives. your support makes me dare to dream and strive to receive it.  I dare to take all opportunities offered to me and face all odds to achieve my aspiration. Thank you very much.” Wina ended her reflection.

It has been 19 years, but the memories of the tragedy will always be in the victims’ family minds. Lets us take this commemoration day as a reflection and reminds us to strive for a peaceful future.

Lets us have a moment of silence to remember all the victims of the Bali Bombing tragedy.