2021 in Numbers

14 January 2022

Although 2021 is a hard year for everyone, YKIP is grateful for all the pouring support from all of you so that we could continue our programs. So many happy things happen during 2021 thanks to your support. Here is what we achieve together in 2021:

KIDS Program, Scholarship for the Bom Victim Children

In 2021, YKIP supporting 17 students under this program. The youngest student is in grade 11 last year, while all the other students were in the university. Wina graduated from Udayana University majoring in tourism and Trisnawati graduated from the same university majoring in Information Technology.

The happy news is not only come for those who graduated. Students in the program got many achievements. Cantika joined the competition in scientific work with her friends at school and came to the final round in Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha. Izzul got third place in Mascot Designing Competition on Nikeba Matsuri held by Bali State Polytechnic. YKIP is proud of the achievement of these students.

KEMBALI Scholarship Program

In 2021, YKIP supported 550 students in six areas in Bali: Denpasar Municipality, Badung, Gianyar, Karangasem, Bangli, and Buleleng Regency. Among the students, 65 people have graduated from Senior High School in June 2021.

In December 2021, YKIP held Youth Career Planning Workshop for the students who are in grade 12. This workshop was held virtually due to the restriction imposed by the government. There are 52 students who joined the workshop from home. Three speakers share their insight in the workshop. Rhoy Kurniawan, a trainer in a five-star hotel shared about how to plan the future and prepare the students to face a workplace. He taught the students to create a good CV and how to face a job interview. Dewa Padma, an entrepreneur, came to the workshop and share his tips and trick on how to be a good entrepreneur and survive uncertain conditions. The third speaker was Darmani, a former YKIP sponsored student who give information on college life.

Thank you for the generosity of our donors so that YKIP could continue the scholarship program for students in Elementary School to Senior High School.

Vocational Scholarship Program

In 2021, the selection for this program was started in January. The program sponsored 12 students in 2021. There are 7 students studying tourism, while another 5 get the training in business and administration. The students who study tourism choose Food Production, Food and Beverage Services, Bar, and Spa, while the students who learn administration choose Business Administration, Accounting and Taxation, and Hospital Administration.

There were 9 students who finished their studies in Vocational Scholarship Program. We are also happy to inform you that Basir, the first student from Pengotan who continue his study in Vocational training, finished his study in December 2021.  We wish the best for the graduates of this program for their future.

University Scholarship Program

In 2021, there were two students admitted to the program. One of the students studies mathematically at Udayana University, while another student study Pharmacy. In total, there are nine students are under the University Scholarship Program in 2021.

We are thankful for all the pouring support we receive in 2021, so we could continue supporting the education of the children in all YKIP Programs.