KIDS student’s Story: Ayu Graduated from Udayana University

14 March 2022

In December 2021, one of the students under the scholarship program for the bomb victim children (KIDS Program), Ayu, graduated from Udayana University. Now Ayu is a bachelor of Information and Technology and graduated with a GPA of 3.78 out of 4,00. Ayu is the youngest daughter f Ibu Ritiasih, who lost her husband during the bombing in 2022. Ayu was three years old at the time. She was heartbroken and mad, but she realized that life must go on.

“I saw my mother’s perseverance. She was a very strong woman, who took the role of the breadwinner for the family. At the time, my older sisters just finished their studies in Junior and Senior High School. The education cost becomes a bigger burden for my mother at the time. During the distress, we were grateful that we got support from so many people through KIDS Scholarship Program run by Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi.

Ayu became a member of KIDS family when she started kindergarten. Since then, she always become one of the best students in the program. “ It was incredible that KIDS program supports all my educational needs. This condition enabled me to focus on my study and develop my skills. I always try to be the best version of me for my family. This is also my way to express my gratitude to all donors. Until I finished my Senior High School, KIDS Program supported me, financially and morally”, said Ayu.

Ayu chooses Information and technology as her major at Udayana University. She was admitted to the university after a great struggle. At first, she underwent SNMPTN, a selection process that used her marks in Senior high school. Unfortunately, she failed the test. Then she decided to try again through the SBMPTN test. She prepared herself for the test by learning through so many exercise books, tutoring, and learning online through the learning platform. After the rigorous effort, she got accepted by the campus and even got another scholarship from the government, Bidik Misi. YKIP kept supporting Ayu’s education by covering the expenses that were not covered by Bidik Misi.

During her study, the pandemic started. The campus is then closed, Ayu and her friends had to study from home. When it was time for the final assignment, Ayu needed to do her research online. This resulted in a delay for another semester in finishing her final assignment. Despite all the hindrances she faced, Ayu finished her study in four years and three months. It is relatively fast for the student who chooses IT as their major. The additional semester was not covered by Bidik Misi so YKIP covered the tuition and other expenses related to her final assignment.

“I would like to thank the donors in KIDS Scholarship Program, YKIP, and everyone who support me from the beginning until I graduated from University. I not only received so much support financially but also morally. Because of everyone’s generosity, I am now holding a bachelor’s degree and work for a renowned start-up in Engineering and Data Department. Once again, thank you for your support”.

YKIP is proud of Ayu and her achievements. We are glad that the support provided to students is useful in aiding them to reach their dreams. Last but not least, YKIP would like to thank you for pouring in the support we received from the beginning.