Food Package distribution for YKIP Students

19 February 2021

During the pandemic, many chances are wide open to help those in need, and YKIP is grateful that we have these chances. In December 2020, YKIP distributed donations from donors from the USA and Switzerland. In total, 500 food packages were distributed to YKIP sponsored children. They were not only from the KEMBALI Scholarship Program but also for the Vocational and University Scholarship Programs.

The food packages were successfully distributed by YKIP local partners in program areas, supported by YKIP volunteers. Each food package consists of 5 kgs of rice, instant noodles, sugar, and cooking oil. However, the food packages for the students in Pengotan were adjusted to 10 kgs of rice, eggs, and cooking oil. We collaborated with the village business unit to supply these packages so that at the same time we could help the village business unit in this uncertain situation.

In Gianyar, the food packages distribution was arranged by our partner, GNOTA Kabupaten Gianyar. Accompanied by YKIP volunteers, the GNOTA officers distributed the food packages to the children from seven districts as planned, which took a week to finish.

Food Package Distribution in Denpasar and Mengwi

Unlike in other areas, the food package distribution for students in Denpasar and Mengwi was handled directly by YKIP staff. The distribution was effectively completed in two days, one day in Denpasar and another one day in Mengwi. On both events, YKIP distributed 68 food packages.

In addition to this, YKIP distributed food packages for a total of 12 families of KIDS Scholarship Program whose children are still in school. As we had to be mindful of the health measures for everyone’s safety, we sent everyone a reminder of following COVID-19 health protocols during the distribution. We were happy that everyone turned up wearing a face mask and patiently waited for their turn while keeping a safe distance from one another.

YKIP would like to thank our donors: Lene Fischer, Stanley and Eva Hesse, Bob and Esther Merino, and Dan and Nina Fendel for supporting the families of the students in our program. Also, we would like to thank our local partners and volunteers for making these events run smoothly.