YKIP Spotlight: Tari’s Exceptional Talents in YKIP’s Student Sponsorship

23 January 2024

Launched in 2004, the YKIP KEMBALI Scholarship empowers donors to actively contribute to students’ academic journeys, securing their success all the way through senior high school graduation. For the past two decades, YKIP has supported over 1,100 students, discovering a wealth of brilliant minds. Among them, some have excelled academically, others are dedicated artists working to preserve traditional practices, and some have showcased their athletic expertise, evolving into accomplished athletes. One standout individual is Tari, currently in grade 12, a skilled martial artist and a beneficiary of the KEMBALI Scholarship Program.

Tari is not only a bright student but also a skilled athlete. She joined the KEMBALI Scholarship program in primary school, where she devoted significant effort to maintaining high grades and securing her scholarship. Her diligence paid off, ensuring she received the scholarship every year. Through her hard work, she earned acceptance into a public Vocational School in Denpasar—a notable achievement given the competitive nature of public schools in Bali. Not only did she have the opportunity to study in a public school, but she also received recognition as one of the best students for her outstanding academic achievements in the YKIP student sponsorship program.

On the Road to become a Martial Arts Athlete

Tari has always been captivated by Pencak Silat, an Indonesian traditional martial art, ever since her elementary school days. In the 4th grade, she enrolled in Bakti Negara, a Pencak Silat school conveniently located close to her Sanur home. Through her perseverance and commitment, she had the opportunity to enter a competition, marking the beginning of her journey. The same year, she took first place in a contest, proudly securing the gold medal. She participated in various competitions and consistently won medals. She joined the provincial Pencak Silat championship two years later as a member of the Denpasar Municipality contingent, contributing a few medals for Denpasar with her squad. When she was in Junior High School, she decided to take the Pencak Silat journey to the next level, transitioning from Bakti Negara to Perisai Diri.

Determined not to let the pandemic stop her from succeeding, Tari participated in a national online competition and brought home the gold award in the Solospel Combination Technique. Even after the pandemic ended in 2022, she didn’t miss a beat, competing in a different national competition in Malang. There, she dominated, earning first place for the best technique in Solospel Putri, a gold medal for Minangkabau Technique, and a bronze medal for Women Fight for the Senior High School category, all thanks to her incredible skills. Tari’s dedication extends beyond competition; she is committed to giving Pencak Silat her all. And let’s not forget, she nailed the gold medal in the previous year’s student sports week.

Tari’s Journey: Flourishing through YKIP’s Student Sponsorship Program

“I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be part of this student sponsorship program. With the support I receive, I never have to worry about running out of school supplies. Since my tuition is covered by YKIP, this not only eases the financial burden on my parents but also allows me to focus on my studies. Moreover, the stipend I receive every three months frees up my time, as I don’t need to help my parents earn extra income for my education, so I can pursue my passions and practice more, which is especially important for someone in my situation,” Tari expresses, reflecting on the invaluable assistance provided by the student sponsorship program.

Tari is determined to continue her studies at the university level, majoring in accounting. Additionally, she has a dream of representing Indonesia as a national athlete. Having given her all as a Bali contingent in the National Sports Week, she envisions competing for Indonesia in regional or worldwide tournaments if she secures gold at the national event.

“I deeply appreciate the opportunities this sponsorship has afforded me—not only in education but also in pursuing the sports I love. I am committed to working hard to achieve my future goals, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my donors, who have played a crucial role in bringing me this far.” Tari calls the discussion to a close.

YKIP is delighted to witness everyone in the student sponsorship program thriving academically and in their extracurricular pursuits. As Tari approaches graduation from senior high school in May 2024, we extend our best wishes for her future endeavors, expressing gratitude to the Bali Seminyak Rotary Club for funding Tari’s education.

Tari is just one of the many students seeking assistance to advance their studies and personal growth. Would you consider lending your support to these students through our KEMBALI Scholarship program? Your help can make a significant difference. Kindly click this link to offer your support.