YKIP University Scholarship program in 2022

19 December 2022

YKIP University scholarship program, started in 2009, is a scholarship program that aims to provide a scholarship for the best students of the KEMBALI Scholarship Program. YKIP expects the students who get the scholarship to contribute to their community after they finish their studies.

YKIP is grateful that we can continue our University Scholarship Program this year. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, YKIP could support three students to continue their academic journey at the university.

The students applied for the scholarship early this year, just after we announced the opening for one scholarship position available this year. The three students went through a rigorous process of selection. Luckily, YKIP got a commitment from our donors so that the University Scholarship Program can accept all applications and send all applicants to the university.

Three new students in University Scholarship Program 2022

The first student who receives this scholarship is Gede Sani from Tejakula. Sani was the best student several times in YKIP’s KEMBALI Scholarship Program. He studied hard when he was in senior high school. Not only he got good performance academically, but he also actively participated in many arts and writing competitions. He even won some poetry writing competitions in 2020. Now Sani is studying cultural tourism at a government-owned academy in Singaraja.

Dwi is our former KEMBALI-sponsored student from Payangan. She aspires to be a teacher because she wants to teach the younger generation. She believes that becoming a teacher will contribute to community development. She always studied hard when she was at school. She had also titled the best student of our scholarship program in Payangan when she was in grade 10. YKIP supports her study at a public university in Singaraja, majoring in Elementary School Education.

Last but not least, we have Anti. Anti is one of our students in Seraya, East Bali. Now Anti is studying accounting at a university in Denpasar. Besides learning, she actively involves in her campus activities.

Student graduate in 2022

We are also happy to announce that one student in this program, Dewa Ayu, has finished her Physiotherapy studies. She is a staff member of our YKIP partner, YPK Bali. She got a scholarship from the Inspirasia foundation as a part of their commitment to the professional development of their grantee. YKIP is honored to be the administrator for her scholarship. With her new degree and skills, she will significantly impact YPK clients and the community.

Again, we thank our donors, Inspirasia Foundation and Lene Fischer, for supporting our University Scholarship program. If you would like to sponsor a student in YKIP University Scholarship Program, please get in touch with our project manager at info@ykip.org.