Succes Story of an Alumna: Srinu

13 February 2024

Last December, YKIP celebrated the graduation of nine students who completed their one-year training in vocational institutions through the Vocational Scholarship Program. We are also thrilled to inform you that they are now proudly working in the industry of their choice.  

One of the alumni is Srinu, a girl from Payangan who first received a scholarship from YKIP in elementary school. Due to her discipline, effort, and undying passion for study, Srinu was sponsored until she graduated from senior high school. She then applied for the Vocational Scholarship Program. After a rigorous selection process, she was granted a scholarship to study Front Office Management in a Tourism school in Gianyar.  

Because of her good performance at school and on-the-job training, she landed a job in the hotel where she got her training. Even before her graduation, she was already hired by the hotel to fill the position that she was trained for.  

Get to know Srinu better through the story of her scholarship journey that she sent us upon her graduation. 

I was in the classroom when my elementary school teacher told me that I needed to come to a scholarship distribution with my parents the next day. Despite my confusion, I went there with my father. To my delight, it turned out that I got a scholarship from YKIP; I was so happy to receive school supplies, uniforms, and shoes on that day. I also learned that my father received financial assistance for my allowance. Since that day, I went to school with extra confidence because I wore a decent uniform and shoes that I had not had before. I also could study better with the school supplies I got. I felt as if my dream had come true. 

Despite feeling happy, at the same time, I also worried if I’d only get the scholarship once. I kept wondering whether I would get the same support in the following years. Then I learned that as long as I maintain good grades each semester and follow the rules, the scholarship would extend into the next academic year. This motivated me to maintain my eligibility, so I studied hard to earn good grades every semester.  

Time flew and after many years, I found myself still a beneficiary of the scholarship in grade 12. It was during this time that I attended the Youth Career Planning Workshop organized by YKIP, where I learned about the Vocational Scholarship. Right after that, I eagerly applied for the scholarship. I was hopeful as I turned my calendar pages for several weeks after the YKIP team surveyed my house. Then, the happy news arrived; I had been awarded the Vocational Scholarship. I was over the moon that I could continue my study in the field that I always dreamed of: Front Office Management.  

After completing a semester on my campus, I was fortunate to secure an opportunity to attend a job training in a five-star resort in Ubud. It was a great experience where I not only worked as a receptionist but also received training, in the administration of the Front Office Department, a newly added position. The training required great effort, but I enjoyed my training. With the guidance of supportive supervisors and seniors, I successfully met the expectations of the hotel and campus. Surprisingly, I was also recognized as the best trainee out of 83 participants in that training period. I was so happy and proud of my achievement.  

During the on-the-job training, I worked as a daily worker in the Front Office department. Just a day after the training was over, I got a call from the HR of the hotel who offered me a job there because I met all the qualifications. I said yes to the offer, and finally, I became a full-timer at Padma Hotel Ubud. Now, with the income I earn from my job, not only can I support myself, but I can also afford the livelihood of my family.  

All these achievements I made are owing to the support of YKIP and the sponsor who funded my education. Without it, I don’t know if I could finish my education in Senior High School, let alone the vocational training. I am grateful for all the support, and may God bless you all. 

YKIP is proud of Srinu’s achievements and thankful for the support given to her through YKIP. Her success story is the beacon of hope that the opportunity to get a better education can turn someone’s life around.  

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