Vocational Scholarship Program: Students on the Job Training

23 March 2023

YKIP vocational scholarship program for 2022-2023 academic year supports nine students, of them, four are trained in administration while the remaining five choose to learn tourism-related skills. Five students are currently undergoing on-the-job training at five-star hotels after six months of studying on campus.

Students on the Job Training: Put the theory into practice

The students attending the tourist school began their studies earlier, and as a result, they began their job training earlier. Additionally, compared to other students in Vocational Scholarship Program who are studying administration, their work training is twice as long. The students were happy to experience what it’s like to work in a genuine workplace.

Students on job training went through a very long process. Their school would give them a list of hotels that have a training agreement with them. Students will need to choose and apply to the hotels by themselves. They also need to send their CV and cover letter and went through interviews. It is just like a simulation of what will happen when they apply for a real job. Once accepted, they will begin their training and spend the next six months working at the hotel.

Vocational scholarship program students on training: Their comments

Being a student on the job training is a priceless experience since it allows them to put the theory they learned in school into practice. Additionally, they will pick up a lot of knowledge from those already in the industry.

Here are some remarks made by students regarding their on the job training:

“I did a lot of practice. The senior here teach me how to make the cake and bread, as well as how to use the oven and dough machine. We created a customized dessert for the special events. Those cake doesn’t only have beautiful name and appearances, but it needs a lot of hard work and specific techniques. I am glad I learned the basics of pastry cooking at school, so here I could learn the advanced ones. It is very interesting to learn in a real pastry kitchen with big production every day.” Wahyuni, majoring in Food Production. She receives her training in a pastry kitchen at a five-star hotel in Payangan.

“ I am trained in the front office and the hotel just create a new section called Front Office Admin. I am stationed in this section for most of the week and occasionally cover the front office or guest services. This is challenging as the section is new, and I never learn about becoming an FO admin at the campus. But I gladly take this challenge. With the support from my superior and HR, I can handle the job and learn so many things in the front office. Not only I got the chance to interact with the guest during my day in the front office, but I also discover how the back office operated. It is fantastic” – Srinu, majoring in Front Office, training in a five-star hotel in Payangan.

“It is nice to be in a very supportive environment. I feel like in a family where my seniors always teach me. I learn how to be more meticulous. I  learn to know myself and my team, and teamwork. I put the theory I learned on campus into practice,” Widnyana- majoring in F&B Services. Now he is trained in a resort in Ubud.

“Stationed in the cold kitchen during training is a great experience for me. I gained a lot of knowledge about preparing appetizers, salads, and their dressing, as well as how to use some equipment that I have never seen before on campus. I can work independently as well as a team member in this place. This helps me to remember the recipes better. I got adequate training at the campus before joining the training, so it is easier to master the more advanced techniques,” Desi, a student on the job training in a five-star hotel in Ubud. She studies food production in Monarch Gianyar.

“I love this training experience. It was difficult in the beginning because I need to adapt to the new environment, but I could handle that. It’s wonderful to meet many visitors from different countries. Sometimes it can be challenging to understand their accent, and for those who don’t speak English, language will be a barrier. However, it is the great side of this training,” Murdi, majoring in F&B Services and has her training in a five-star hotel in Ubud.

YKIP is happy with the student’s development and wishes the best for the students on the job training. We also would like to express our gratitude to Inspirasia Foundation for their support of the Vocational Scholarship Program. Would you like to sponsor a student to get this life-changing experience? Please drop us a message at info@ykip.org.