Vocational Student Story: Become more Confident

25 March 2022

Bintang was admitted to KEMBALI Scholarship Program when she was in Vocational High School. After joining Career Day when she was in grade 12, she joined career day and decided to apply for vocational training under YKIP Vocational Scholarship Program. After a rigorous selection process, Bintang made her way to get the scholarship. She chooses culinary as her major.

Bintang participated in numerous campus activities. A few months ago, she joined the napkin folding and carrying tray competition at her campus. These two skills are not taught in culinary, but she confidently joined the competition representing her class.

“The two sets of skills are not taught in my class, however, I am confident to join the competition. Most of the participants come from the F&B Services class. I am happy with the result that I got third place. I was the only winner outside the F&B Services classes.” Bintang shares her experiences.

Bintang comes from a very humble family. Her father passed away several years ago and now her mother is the breadwinner of the family. Her mother sells food in a small stall and do crochet for living, with no fixed income. With the money she earns, she needs to pay for the family needs and pay for Bintang’s younger siblings’ education.

“ I am grateful that I got this scholarship. I never dreamed of continuing my study after finishing my high school. I will use this opportunity to develop my skills.”

Besides studying to develop her skills in food production, Bintang learns a lot from the activities she joined at the campus. “Now I become much more confident compared to the time I graduated from high school. From in campus activities that I joined, I learn to be more disciplined, have better time management, and become more responsible. I also learn how to be an entrepreneur. With everything I learn on campus, I am optimistic that I will have a brighter future and I can support my mother in raising my younger siblings.”

Now Bintang is on a job training in a five stars hotel in Ubud. After finishing her job training for six months, Bintang will prepare her final assignment and would finish her study by the end of this year. YKIP is proud of Bintang’s achievements and hard work. Thank you to our donors, Inspirasia Foundation, to enable Bintang to get her one-year training in culinary.