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KIDS Student’s Story: Izzul and His Japan Inspired Arts

Izzul, one of the sponsored students in KIDS Scholarship Program, a scholarship program for the bomb victims' children, is interested in Japanese-themed visual arts. Since he was young, he draws Japanese-style drawings.…

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KIDS Scholarship Program School Supplies Distribution

YKIP is always looking for the time when we could meet the sponsored students in the KIDS Scholarship Program, a scholarship for the children of bomb victims. This program activity is not…

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Nineteen Years Bali Bombing 1: Reflection of the Victim’s Daughter

I Ketut Sumerawat perished on the Bali Bombing 1 with hundreds of other victims on October 12, 2002, this day 19 years ago. He left his beloved wife and three daughters. Wina,…

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