Alumna Story: Back to village and support students to study

26 August 2021

Sujani parents were never dreamed that their daughter will be able to continue to higher education. When she was in Senior High School, her family’s financial condition is not really good. It is hard for her parents even to make ends meet. Not to mention the school fee that they should pay for Sujani to continue studying.

Sujani received a KEMBALI Scholarship from YKIP when she was in grade 11. It was a big relief for her family. The scholarship covered the school fees, uniform, stationery, and shoes. Sujani even got the transportation allowance. This scholarship has ensured she finish Senior High School.

When she was in grade 12, Sujani joined the career day and she learned that YKIP also offered an opportunity for students who would like to continue the study in Campuhan College. Sujani took the chance and after graduating from Senior High School, she moved to Campuhan College dorm in Ubud. In college, she learned visual communication design for a year.

“It was a really big change in my life that I left my village and continue to study in a place I never imagine. Not only I learn about making a design, but I also learned so many soft skill that is very useful in my life.” Said Sujani about her college life.

Finishing her study at Campuhan College, she continued to Universitas Mahasaraswati majoring in English Language and Literature. She worked in a printing company as a cashier to pay her tuition. After graduating with a satisfactory mark, she worked as a receptionist in a spa in Bangkiang Sidem, Ubud.

Unfortunately, the COVID 19 Pandemic hits the tourism sector very hard. With no more people come to Bali to enjoy their holiday, the spa where Sujani worked had to close. Sujani then back to her home in Karangasem. She realized that many students, especially the younger ones are struggling to study because of distance learning. She then decided to help the students by opening a place where young students can come to learn by pay a really small amount of money. Now, 12 students are learning in her place every day.

“This pandemic makes life difficult, and it affects the students and their families. I want to help them with the skill and time I have. I hope this will help them.” Sujani explained her activities.

When asked what YKIP and the scholarship mean for her, here is what she said: “For me, YKIP and the scholarship I received became a bridge for a better future. If I don’t get the scholarship from YKIP I will not continue my study to higher education because YKIP is the one that opened the way to higher education. I could finish my high school and get the information to get my one-year training is because of the scholarship I got from YKIP. I would like to thank my donor and YKIP for supporting me in my high school year.”

We are proud of Sujani and her support to the children in her village, and YKIP wishes all the best for her future. You can also support bright students like Sujani by donating to our KEMBALI Scholarship Program.