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KIDS Scholarship Program: Aldi a Bachelor of Psychology

Happy news comes from the KIDS Scholarship program. Another student, Aldi, completed his studies at Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang with a Psychology major. His GPA at graduation was 3.58. On February 23, 2023,…

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Higher Education Graduation: Alief of KIDS Scholarship Program

YKIP is happy to inform you of the higher education graduation of Alief, one of the students in the KIDS Scholarship Program. Alief studied Immigration Law at the Polytechnic of Immigration, a…

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KIDS Student’s Story: Izzul and His Japan Inspired Arts

Izzul, one of the sponsored students in KIDS Scholarship Program, a scholarship program for the bomb victims' children, is interested in Japanese-themed visual arts. Since he was young, he draws Japanese-style drawings.…

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