Five Vocational Scholarship Students Graduated

09 November 2022

On October 28, five vocational scholarship students graduated from Monarch Bali Gianyar. One of the students, Suta, finished his one-year training in food and beverage services. The other four students graduated from food production. The graduation event took place at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center.

We are happy to see the bright smile on the students’ faces on their graduation. After a year of studying hard, they finally see the result of their efforts. They started their studies in July last year and got six months of training in four or five-star hotels. Besides learning the skills from their seniors in the training place, they also need to prepare for the final report. Such hard work, but they all enjoy their journey, preparing themselves for a better future.

The parents’ story: Five Vocational Scholarship Students Graduated

The proud parents accompanied their beloved children to the graduation venue. Words cannot describe how they were proud of their children. Some parents even shed tears seeing their children go to the platform and thank their school directors. The air was filled with happy and proud feeling from the children and their parents, making the enormous room seems unable to contain all those feelings.

After the ceremony, YKIP staff met the students and talked with their parents. We see the parents were so proud of their children. Still, they were also grateful for the support they got from the donors through YKIP Vocational Scholarship Program.

“Thank you for supporting my only child until this far. As a humble farmer, I never dreamed of sending my son to senior high school. But with the generosity of YKIP’s donors, now I can attend his graduation ceremony,” Suta’s father tells YKIP staff after the ceremony.

“With his training, I am sure he will get a good job and decent salary. Wawan said to me that I would need to worry about his younger sibling’s education anymore; he would help with the education. I never dreamed I would say this after my son’s graduation ceremony. Thank you for the support of YKIP donors.” Wawan’s father talked, holding a tear in his eyes.

“We are proud of our daughter. She finished her training and had already worked in a villa near our village before graduating. It is a dream come true.” Widiani’s father explained his feeling toward her daughter.

YKIP’s partnership with Monarch Bali-Gianyar

We are delighted to inform you that we have established a partnership with Monarch Bali Gianyar this year. The agreement will be for the next five years. Monarch Bali Gianyar agrees to give YKIP a special rate for every YKIP vocational student in Monarch Gianyar. Although YKIP-Monarch Bali Gianyar signed the agreement on September 2022, we can trace the support from Monarch Bali back to 2020.

In 2020, five vocational scholarship students studied in Monarch Bali Gianyar and graduated in 2021. This support continued in 2021 when five vocational students who graduated last month started their studies. Besides the rate, Monarch Bali Gianyar also helps YKIP in monitoring our students during their studies and training in the tourism industry.

YKIP is grateful for all the support we received from our donors: Inspirasia Foundation and Webber Trust, for sponsoring the education of the students in the Vocational Scholarship Program. We also would like to thank Monarch Bali Gianyar for their continuous support of YKIP Vocational Scholarship Program. Without the generous support of all donors and partners, YKIP could not continue this vocational scholarship program.

Thank you for changing so many lives in Bali.